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Mosaic Pillars

Last Updated: September 26, 2023

Andrew Lindsay and Spaza Art Gallery.

A Brief History



Mosaics installed on concrete pillars underneath Joe Slovo Drive at the intersection of Saratoga Avenue.

This project was commissioned by the JDA from the Spaza Art Gallery in the context of the overall Ellis Park precinct development.

Through the use of a series of interlocking circulate shapes, the design introduces organic dimension into the heavy geometry of the concrete bridge. The use of predominantly white colours and mirrors used to reflect light, also serves to brighten what had otherwise been a somewhat dark place.

The intersection where the pillars are situated used to be a notorious location for hijackings and smash and grab attacks, and is in the shadow of one of Johannesburg’s most recognisable landmarks, the Ponte Tower. With both the development of the University of Johannesburg’s Doornfontein campus and the introduction of the Bus Rapid Transport system, the area around the intersection has become substantially safer, with improved lighting enhancing the impact of the mosaics at night.

Artwork Signage


Location & Address

15 Joe Slovo Dr, New Doornfontein, Johannesburg, 2094.