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A World-Class African City

A City filled With Culture & Heritage

The City of Johannesburg is the largest metropole in South Africa and, by virtue of this position, it attracts a range of diverse people from all over the world. The City is arguably one of the most diverse cities in the world from a cultural, linguistic, and artistic perspective among many other indicators.  This is a very unique value proposition for the City and one that presents endless possibilities for the growth and development of its creative economy.

South Africa is one of the very few countries in the continent with an active investment, funding and developmental programme in the Creative Industries. So, often, when creative practitioners engage with their counterparts, they realise that all their challenges notwithstanding, are in a much more fortunate position.

The Creative Industries in the City of Johannesburg are one of the key drivers of socio-economic activity. Joburg is a city of many dimensions, and while there may be many anti-social connotations with the City, it’s association with the Arts is one that is inescapable.

Our Vision for the
Arts, Culture & Heritage Department

Our vision as a department is to ensure that we position the City of Johannesburg as a creative destination of choice. This would translate into initiatives that will actively facilitate:

  • The identification and cultivation of latent talent
  • Enterprise Development and Market Access Opportunities for local creatives
  • The protection and preservation of heritage and history
  • The diversification of our popular historical narrative through the building of an historical archive that is reflective of the socio-political reality of the city, the country and continent
  • The attraction of visitors who consume cultural goods and services
  • Making the City a viable destination for visiting cultural productions
  • Hosting of major global cultural events
  • The development of local content and creative enterprises
  • Strengthening of our cultural diplomacy programme to upscale growth in the export of cultural goods and services

Our department is committed to changing the face of the City by creating an enabling environment for culture to thrive, to ensure that creators of content are able to monetise their content and reap the benefits therefrom. We have also ensured that we focus on building the awareness of creatives and the protection of their intellectual property.