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Curriculum Exhibition


June 4, 2022



Exploring The Visual Arts of South Africa

The Curriculum Exhibition provides a connection to the artists and themes covered in the current Visual Arts syllabus. Learners are encouraged to view artworks from prominent African artists that they might recognise from their Visual Arts textbook. These artists explore a range of themes such as issues of land, migration, segregation, the affects of apartheid and an era of constitutional democracy on society. Learners will also be able to view contemporary artworks that speak to socio-political art and gender issues.

Through a series of dialogues with art facilitators and teachers, the Johannesburg Art Gallery set out to define what the learner’s needs for art education are and how to bridge the gaps in the schooling system. The current Visual Arts syllabus was used as a focal point to find out what students, particularly high school learners, are immersed in during their academic year. By exhibiting artworks that can be found in the Curriculum Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS) textbook, a connection is created that allows the learner to see an artwork in the hope that it will encourage a better understanding of the work and inspire a new generation of future artists.

The Curriculum Exhibition was document and digitised via a virtual 3-dimensional exhibition. To view the Curriculum Exhibition online, please visit

For further information regarding the Curriculum Exhibition you can call the Johannesburg Art Gallery telephone on 011 725 3130 or email your queries to the Johannesburg Art Gallery’s Education Officer, Colin Groenewald, via

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