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Creative Native Motor Show


May 28, 2022



A Vintage Motor Show for Enthusiasts

As part of International Museum Week, the James Hall Museum of Transport will be hosting an event called Creative Native Vintage Motor Show and Picnic on the 28th May 2022. This cultural event will present a curated outdoor vintage motor show for Joburg’s car enthusiasts, young and old, to celebrate International Museum Month. Vintage car enthusiasts and collectors are invited to this thrilling event to participate and showcase their private collections in a curated exhibition of both classic and vintage vehicles.

International Museum Week celebrates history, culture, and heritage by giving museums globally the opportunity to showcase their collections. It is an important month to promote a museum-going culture in South Africa. It is also an opportune moment to give communities the power to write their history and to re-imagine their own heritage at a time where culture is dynamic and constantly changing.

Cars, Crafts, Food & More!

Added to the outdoor car exhibition, the museum will also showcase its valuable transport collection, artefacts and memorabilia through guided museum tours and iconic bus rides on the historic 1952 London Bus. This family fun day will be accompanied by a vintage craft market, live music entertainment and, to keep up with the theme of the day, vintage food trucks will be selling food and refreshments to visitors. Visitors are invited and encouraged to bring their picnic blankets, cushions, and chairs to enjoy the activities of the day in a relaxed environment.

The James Hall Museum of Transport (JMHT) is the largest museum of land transport in South Africa. It was established by the Late Jimmie Hall together with the City of Johannesburg in February 1964. The museum gives visitors a rare glimpse of Johannesburg’s transport history, dating back more than a century. It is the most comprehensive land transport museum in South Africa, with thematic displays and exhibits in the various exhibition halls. 

An Epic Entertainment Lineup

Some of South Africa’s top bands and artists will be gracing us with their music for the day.

Charles Gene Suite





Kamo Motsoso



Kitchen Mess